Folklor from Latin america

Leonardo Prieto studied classical piano with different teachers and at CIEM with Maria Antonieta Lozano holding the VIII grade of the Trinity London College. He also holds a master degree from Rotterdam Conservatory where he studied piano latin and jazz.

He started to play drums at the age of 6 and after that guitar at 10 years old where he started his way of learning by himself different instruments like: gaita colombiana, jarana, requinto, leona, tres cubano, cavaquinho and singing.

During his career he played with many musicians from strong music traditions like: son jarocho, son cubano and the music from Colombia learning a lot from them and also having some lessons with great world music performers.

Nowadays he plays over 15 instruments but he is specialized in piano, tres cubano, jarana, requinto, leona, gaita colombiana and voice.